Service with intense sensation that demands complete focus.

  • Spikey Service Tray

    Spikey Service Tray


    An elegant Walnut serving tray with Maple corner splines and a false bottom that covers 1000+ metal spikes that bite deliciously into the skin. While unlikely to draw blood under n… $275.00
  • Spikey Service Coasters

    Spikey Service Coasters


    An elegant set of four hardwood coasters in their own tray. Maple coasters with accents of Padauk, Purple Heart or Walnut. Tray for coasters is made of Maple with a Black Walnut bo… $95.00 Select Options
  • Ishidaki Board

    Ishidaki Board


    Aka "kneeler" or your worst enemy.Used in Japan during the Edo period for corporal punishment and torture it has been re-purposed for BDSM and consensual punishment and torture.Inn… $225.00 Select Options
  • Kneeling Stand

    Kneeling Stand


    Assistive Kneeling Device to assist in your D/s dynamic. $225.00 Select Options